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- String ensemble for ceremony and cocktail reception (2 hours)
- DJ For Reception (4 hours)
- PA System (ceremony and reception)
- MC' ing and announcements
- Audio Support equipment (wireless mics for people speaking)
- Lighting for a medium size dance area
- Early arrival for equipment setup
- Equipment is limited to 2 specific rooms or areas: ceremony and reception

Bring the DJ +

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- Eveything in the 'Bring the DJ package' plus below additions:
- Bubble machine (dance floor fun, and grand exit)
- Custom Monogram Light (gobo light)
- Ceremony coordination
- 2 new song arrangements for the string ensemble
- Musician amplification
- Shade canopy for musicians

The Live Experience

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- String Quartet for ceremony and cocktail reception (2 hours)
- Four piece live band for reception (Vox, Guitar, Keys, Drums) (3 hours)
- PA System (ceremony and reception)
- MC' ing and announcements
- Audio Support equipment (wireless mics)
- Early arrival for equipment setup
- Equipment is limited to 2 specific rooms or areas: ceremony and reception

Just the Strings

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Below are some of our most commonly booked ensembles.

String Quartet

Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello

Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, garden parties, larger indoor spaces

String Trio

Violin, Violin, Cello

Works well for smaller outdoor ceremonies, and medium sized indoor spaces (chapels)

String Duo

Violin, Cello

Great for intimate ceremonies (less than 40 guests)

Piano Duo

Violin, Piano

Creates a very full sound for only two musicians. Often used in church settings for smaller ceremonies

Trumpet Quartet

Trumpet, Violin, Violin, Cello

For indoor and outdoor ceremoines with trumpet regality!

Harp Quartet

Harp, Violin, Violin, Cello

Harp with the strings adds a great complexity to the ensemble sound

If you would like to have an ensemble larger than 4 musicians, we would be happy to build a custom ensemble for you. On certain occasions we have performed as a string octet, and even as a chamber orchestra of 12: string octet plus harp, 2 flutes, and trumpet. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can craft a suitable ensemble.

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Puget Sound Strings (PSS) Terms of Service

I. Musician Responsibilities

  1. Dress in elegant black attire (tuxedos on request only). Request for tuxedsos/formal attire at the time of booking, or no later than 9 weeks prior to the event date. If tuxedos/formal attire are requested, a $25 fee per musician will be added to the final invoice.
  2. Arrive early enough to set up and start at the designated time.
  3. Perform music from our repertoire chart for the time period defined.

II. Music Selection

  1. Any music may be selected for the appropriate ensemble from the PSS Repertoire chart. Music selected from the repertoire chart must be finalized 21 days in advance of the event date.
  2. New songs (custom arrangements) may be requested for a fee. Such requests must be made at least one month in advance of the event date, and confirmed by PSS.

III. Payment

  1. A $200 - $500 non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your event date. This deposit is paid toward the total cost of services.
  2. Remaining balance for the ensemble, travel fees (if applicable), and music request fees (if applicable) are due 14 days in advance of the event date.
  3. Payment can be made via our online booking form. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

IV. Cancellation fees and refunds

  1. Fee for cancellation 14 days or less prior to the event: 50% of the remaining balance for services, for cancellation 5 days or less prior or the day of the event: 100% of the remaining balance for services.
  2. If the contracted ensemble is incomplete for any reason, purchaser will be refunded for the number of absent musicians.

V. Changes in event time or location.

  1. Any change of time, date, or venue must be communicated to PSS by email, as soon as possible. A minimum fee of $200 will apply to any changes to the contracted schedule made less than 1 month in advance of the performance date. If PSS is not able to perform due to a change of time, date, or venue, the cancellation fees defined in section IV will apply.

VI. Outdoor Events

  1. Musicians must be seated in full shade.
  2. If there is any precipitation (rain, mist, snow), shelter must be provided such that our instruments do not get wet.
  3. The performance space must be safe from hazards that may damage our instruments. These include, but are not limited to falling objects (fruit, branches) or in the case of strong wind, other debris that may damage our instruments.
  4. If the temperature is below 55 degrees or above 95 degrees fahrenheit, it may not be possible to perform outside.
  5. If PSS musicians are unable to perform due to any of the above mentioned conditions, refunds will not be issued.

VII. Provisions

  1. A sturdy, armless chair is required for each musician.
  2. Minimum space requirements are as follows: 10' x 10' for string quartet, 8' x 8' for a trio, 6' x 6' for a duo, 5' x 5' for a soloist.
  3. If you are hiring a pianist, a piano must be on site, in its proper place. Purchaser is also responsible for ensuring that the piano is in good working condition and tuned properly.
  4. The performance area must be well lit enough to read music from a distance of 3 feet.
  5. A meal should be provided to each musician when contracted for 4hrs or longer, any venue on an island, and all venues that exceed 85 miles from Seattle.
  6. A meal is required for the DJ and day of coordinator (if hired).
  7. For ensembles including harp a $300 cartage fee applies.
  8. If PSS will bring a keyboard(electronic piano) a $150 cartage fee applies.
  9. DJ space must be within 50' of a power source.
  10. A table and linen (for aesthic consistency) should be provided to the DJ for set up.
  11. Distance between sites requiring amplification must be within 5 minutes walking distance, and have be easily accessible on foot.

VIII. Breaks

  1. For events longer than 1.5 hours, musicians are granted 10 minutes break time per hour. Musicians may take their break in one long break if desired.

IX. Overtime and Holidays

  1. Overtime will be billed at a rate of $60 per half-hour per musician with a minimum time of one half-hour. Payment for overtime must be made at the conclusion of the overtime period.
  2. Depending on the schedule of the musicians, it is not guaranteed that overtime will be possible.
  3. Rates will be augmented by $150 per musician for bookings on the following days: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day.

X. Parking

  1. A reserved parking space or parking validation is required for each musician. If neither is possible, estimated parking fees for on site or a nearby parking garage will be added to the final invoice.
  2. If a shuttle, park-and-ride, or carpool is required of the musicians, a fee commensurate with the additional time needed will be added to the final invoice.

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